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If you have a breast fixation then check out Busty Birmingham escorts. At Gunners Great escort agency, we have the largest selection of female companions with big breasts! Big boobs are the most common escort type. Every client, male and female, is mesmerised by a seductive cleavage and a busty chest. It’s fair to say that the entire Birmingham escort industry has a breast obsession. Busty escorts not only look great, they feel great to touch and explore. All of the escorts advertised here are completely unique in terms of appearance and personality. But one thing they all have in common is they are busty Birmingham escorts!  

Check out each girl’s profile to see whether they are naturally busty escorts or if they have had breast implants to enhance their size. As each client has his or her own preference, natural or fake can have a positive or negative reason for making a booking. To some, large breast implants can feel hard and unnatural. Or some naturally larger boobs are not as perky as the client desires. The point is, there is a perfect pair of boobs for every client tastes and desires.  

Just like our unique busty escorts, even their bust sizes are different. The most popular breast is the round shape. These large breasts are equally full at the top as they are the bottom. The bell shape is slimmer at the top but fuller at the bottom. The side set have a wide space between them. The nipples can be large and protruding or small and flat. The areolae, which is the darker circle around the nipple can also vary in size and colour. Therefore, even the appearance of large breasts can be uniquely different when naked!  

It is claimed that the reason clients love Busty escorts in Birmingham is because of an evolutionary urge. When the client sees or touches a Birmingham busty escort it releases a feel-good chemical in the brain. The same spark that is created through breastfeeding. This sensation forms a strong bond and connection to the busty escort. Creating a breast fetishism which is enduring and a long-lasting sexual interest.  

Visually focusing on the escort´s busts is enough to become aroused! Whether in person or through the escorts profile photographs. The cleavage is seductive and teasing. It makes the clients imagination run wild! Lustrous thoughts of what is under the clothing. The big busts of an escort are enticing and it alluring. All he wants to do is take off her clothes or sexy bra to admire her beautiful large breasts. If you are a client who feels this sensation whilst admiring Birmingham busty escorts, call Gunners Great today!  

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