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A kustomizer named T-Ski who was “old School” even before today’s “old school” craze hit is behind The Kool Aid Summer Car Kruize In being held all summer long to benefit the Portage County Humane Society and Operation Bootstrap.

The Kruise Ins are held once a month on Wednesday nights and the next one is coming up August 5 (rain date the following Wednesday), These events are open to all types of specialty vehicles and spectators are welcome to come.

The Kruize In location is the Plover Village Park on Highway B in Plover, Wis. at the intersection of I-39 and Highway B.  The times are 6 pm to 9 pm and the Kruize In will include DJ music, cash prizes and door prizes. Admission is free but a a $2 donation to the charities or two non-perishable food items are appreciated.

For info you can call 715-344-0751 or visit www.kruizer.synthasite.com or email tskiplus@charter.net.



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Not being from Manawa, but running a business there, we have an outsider’s view of the city. We may not think of the town as the center of our universe, but we know it’s in the center of the county. That’s why you see many law officers doing lunch in Manawa.

Being in the center like that makes Manawa a “hub city.” It’s surrounded by Waupaca, Iola, Scandinavia, Marion, Clintonville and New London. If Willie Wonka wanted to build a chocolate factory in Waupaca County, he’d probably put it in Manawa to attract people from all six other towns.

Classic cars from surrounding towns and villages coverge on Manawa every Tuesday evening.

Classic cars from surrounding towns and villages converge on Manawa every Tuesday evening.

The old car cruises taking place at Manawa’s popular Cruise-In Diner are another good example of how this works. This week the owners of cars at the cruise came from DePere, Hortonville, Embarrass and Iola. Last week’s cruise had cars and motorcycles from Waupaca, Shawano and New London.

The Cruise-In Diner north of Manawa hosts the Tuesday gatherings.

The Cruise-In Diner north of Manawa hosts the Tuesday gatherings.

Who knows? If the cruises keep getting bigger and the word gets all around the state, we may see cars coming to Manawa from Milwaukee and Madison. Or maybe even LA and the Big Apple.



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BK Cruise 01

We’ve all heard the lyrics about having fun, fun, fun until Daddy takes the T-Bird away. Well, we did have one ’57 T-Bird at the Wednesday night cruise in Waupaca, Wis., last week. But we also had lots of fun, fun, fun.

Cruise nights are really about more than cars. They are about eople getting together to talk about everything in life including cars. The cruise is a place to drive to in your car, set up your lawn chair and enjoy some great talk.

BK Cruise 03

In Waupaca, the cruises take place at the Burger King. They start about 6 pm and go until whenever. The “key” to a great conversation can be anything from talking about the radio in your Nash Metropolitan to arguing over politics or finding out which junkyard has a ’52 Chevy hardtop in it.

BK Cruise 02

So get your favorite old car fired up and bring it to Waupaca next Wednesday night. In fact, this is the best time of year for Waupaca cruise nights because everyone is getting their cars ready for the Iola Old Car Show.