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One car we are restoring at Gunner’s Great Garage is a 1968 Triumph TR250. We are getting into the final phases of the restoration and  running into new questions everyday. To get some of those questions answered we are going to a Vintage Triumph Register meet in the Lake Geneva Area. Here is info about it.

The 2015 VTR National Convention will be hosted by the Illinois Sports Owners Assoc. at the Abbey Resort and Conference Center in Fontana, Wis., on the shore of Geneva Lake. Having hosted five previous VTR conventions, most recently in 2005, the club is pleased to welcome you. The festivities will take place from Tuesday, August 11 – Friday, August 14, 2015. For more info or to register, visit the convention website:

Here is the TR250 that we're putting together.

Here is the TR250 that we’re putting together.


New Face at Gunner’s Great Garage

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Bob Photo 01

Bob Hansen has begun working at Gunner’s Great Garage and brings a wealth of old car love and car fixing experience to our shop.

Bob Hansen and his brother Fred owned and operated Hansen’s Auto Exhange in Waupaca, Wis., for 23 years. Their car sales and repair business was housed in a historic garage that was on the Yellowstone Trail in the ’20s. A historical marker sits in front of the garage. The building was also used as an Oakland and Oldsmobile dealership. (It is for sale if anyone is interested. It would be a great place for a car collector to store cars and work on them.)

A few weeks ago we attended an ice cream social at Bob’s house. The ice cream at the ice cream social was homemade and it was made with an antiqueBob Photo 02 hit-and-miss engine! We looked at Bob’s cars. He owns his father’s Model A Ford and his grandfather’s Model T. He also has a Model T truck and a 1948 Chevy fastback. During the party Bob mentioned that he was looking for a job. We told him to come see us at Gunner’s Great Garage and we hired him on the spot.

Since then Bob has been a big help in moving along our current restoration projects: a 1948 Chrysler  and a 1968 Triumph, but being a kind of Ford guy and a true OLD car guy, we bet Bob would rather be twisting wrenches on Model As and Model Ts. Maybe that will happen real soon.






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I feel like I should be on the old TV game show “The Price is Right.” Since about April I have been hired to do at least 53 appraisals of all kinds of collector cars.

The need for appraisals has been growing and I’m lucky that I learned a lot about collector car values when I worked at OLD CARS WEEKLY and OLD CARS PRICE GUIDE. Now the stuff I learned is coming in handy.

My appraisals take from a half day to a day to do. First I go to see the car, gather information about it and take photos of it. Then I go home to research the history and value of the car through my sales literature, books, network of friends and the Internet. The end resut is a booklet from 8 to 10 pages long that gives a proper appraisal of what the car is worth in today’s marketplace.

My standard rates are $300 for the first car and $150 for all other cars in the same collection appraised at the same time. If I have to go a long distance I charge travel costs.

I have appraised vehicles from an Electric Car to a dragster, including a $2 million race car. And that’s exactly what that car brought when it sold at an auction.

I do not appraise cars that my shop restores. I do not ask the owners if they want a high or low appraisal. I simply try to evaluate what a car will bring in the marketplace if you put it for sale today.

If you ever need an appraisal you can call me at 1-715-281-5925 or email


This 2001 Saleen Mustang was recently appraised by Gunner's Great Garage.

This 2001 Saleen Mustang was recently appraised by Gunner’s Great Garage.










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BK Cruise 01

We’ve all heard the lyrics about having fun, fun, fun until Daddy takes the T-Bird away. Well, we did have one ’57 T-Bird at the Wednesday night cruise in Waupaca, Wis., last week. But we also had lots of fun, fun, fun.

Cruise nights are really about more than cars. They are about eople getting together to talk about everything in life including cars. The cruise is a place to drive to in your car, set up your lawn chair and enjoy some great talk.

BK Cruise 03

In Waupaca, the cruises take place at the Burger King. They start about 6 pm and go until whenever. The “key” to a great conversation can be anything from talking about the radio in your Nash Metropolitan to arguing over politics or finding out which junkyard has a ’52 Chevy hardtop in it.

BK Cruise 02

So get your favorite old car fired up and bring it to Waupaca next Wednesday night. In fact, this is the best time of year for Waupaca cruise nights because everyone is getting their cars ready for the Iola Old Car Show.