John Gunnell was the first editor of Old Cars Price Guide, the widely accepted source of classic vehicle pricing that created the 1 to 6 condition code known throughout the industry. He will tell you in “real world values” what your car is worth in today’s market for loan, estate, sale or personal reasons.

Art & Photo Gallery

Automotive art is in its infancy and today is a great time to invest in outstanding pieces of automotive art and photography that are certain to grow in value in the future. Decorative art pieces are also available to dress up your home, office or garage and display your interest in classic vehicles.

Automotive Gifts

Your family members and friends who collect vintage vehicles will appreciate the thought you put into getting them just the right gift for any occasion. Gunner’s Great Garage stocks models, signs and rare automobilia or can help you select and get just the gift you need for an upcoming special event.

Book Store

Books and magazines that fit your interest. Both new and vintage titles fill the book racks at Gunner’s Great Garage. Want a rare book or a magazine with articles about the car you own? We can find it for you.

Classic Car Restoration

We do careful, patient restoration of all kinds of collector vehicles and specialize in our favorite types of cars—T Series MGs and Pontiacs with flathead engines. The work we do in our 1500 sq. ft. shop is billed at a low $45 per hour plus parts. We work with outside contractors to get sheet metal fabrication, paintwork and upholstery done for you at attractive prices. We have free tow-in service and small-car trailering available for inoperable vehicles in our area.

Parts Locator Service

We know how to determine what parts you need using our automotive historical and technical library. Then we use our personal connections, car club connections and Internet networking to find and purchase the rare parts you need. We also showcase some rare parts that we sell on consignment.